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Make full-size arts & crafts designs at home

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Upload or Make a Design

Upload, Make, or Scan a Design

Enter Any Size


It's Precisely Tiled Across Pages


Resize Designs from Any Source

Picture and PDF files on your computer.

Your scanner.

Free designs from the Internet.

Rapid Resizer's built-in design tools.


Great for All Kinds of Arts & Crafts Projects

Enlarge patterns and drawings easily with the helpful Rapid Resizer… useful for lots of craft projects.
— Quiltmaker, Small Quilts Magazine


Scroll saw (print red to ease cutting), wood carving, intarsia, wood burning, marquetry.


Sewing, quilting, applique, cross-stitch, rug hooking, felt, doll patterns.


Tole, decorative, mural.

Stained Glass

Panels and mosaics.


Resize in color for posters and signs.


60+ built-in fonts.

& Other Crafts

Silhouettes, scrapbooking, printables, vinyl cutting, metal engraving, and model airplane plans.

Easy and Accurate Resizings

Give the size of your design in inches, feet, or cm. Enlarge or reduce.

Change it by %: 200, 400, 50 — any amount.

Set the size of a part and let Rapid Resizer figure out the overall size.

Change proportions, rotate, mirror, or skew to fit different shapes.

Don't waste more time resizing with photocopiers, projectors, or grids.

Make Beautiful Patterns with its Built-In Design Tools

Make word stencils in over 60 fonts.

Instantly make a stencil or pattern from a photo.

Use the free pattern finder.

Add a perfect border to any design.

Then print your design to any size across one or more pages.

Over 10,000 artists have relied on my Rapid Resizer software since 2001.

Save a Fortune on Ink Cartridges

Rapid Resizer has saved me an enormous amount of time and money.
— Rug Hooking Magazine

Rapid Resizer's ink-saver replaces expensive color ink with black. Then it saves more ink by whiting-out light areas and by outlining dark areas and thick lines.

This feature alone can easily pay for the program.

Its reduced-ink designs are also easier to work with.

Then Rapid Resizer saves paper by automatically choosing the most efficient page orientation for any size.

Easily Customize Designs or Draw Your Own Full-Size

Make perfect lines, curves, circles and rectangles, then easily adjust them.

Freehand curves drawn using your mouse are automatically smoothed.

Add text in 60+ fonts.

Combine designs.

Easily white-out parts.

Unlike most drawing programs, Rapid Resizer's Designer treats your design as an interconnected web of lines. This is better for arts & crafts where your project's pieces have to fit together.

Automatically turn a photograph into a rough pattern, use the Designer to whiteout and add lines, then print it full-size.

Show How Your Finished Project Will Look

Color your pattern's pieces with real stained glass, wood, and fabric or use any image from your computer. Great for showing customers how a design will look before you build it.

Print your colored design with the enlarger, share it on the Web, or email it to a client.

Includes stained glass from Armstrong, Bullseye, Kokomo, and Spectrum.

Know How Much Material You'll Need

As you color your pattern, Rapid Resizer automatically adds up how much of each material you'll need to make your project.