Easy Packing Tape Transfer Method!

Turn your photos into a versatile sticker using packing tape and the picture stencil maker on Rapid Resizer.

Hi everyone,

At this busy time of year, I’ve been searching for stencil methods that are cost and time efficient so you can keep crafting even when your schedule is packed. I recently came across an amazing transfer method that I would like to share with you! Packing tape clings to ink printed on regular printer paper and turns it into a sticker. This method is so easy and inexpensive its great for last minute gifts or decorations.

I used the picture stencil maker on Rapid Resizer to turn my scenic photo into a stencil style. I think this gives my craft a sleeker design for making decorations for the home. I chose to keep mine black and white for more contrast in my candle votives, but you can do this image transfer method in full colour if you want. All negative space in your images will become transparent once the images transfer. I wanted to put my image on a candle holder so that the light shines through. This is another reason why using the Rapid Resizer picture stencil maker comes in handy.  A scenic photo makes for cozy winter campfire / sunset look. It’s like a mini campfire in the forest but you don’t even have to venture outside into the cold!

What you’ll need:


Step 1: cut your image out to be approximately the same size as the packing tape. All of the white parts of your image will be transparent. If your image is larger than the height of the tape, carefully place two pieces of tape over the image so that they overlap slightly.


Step 2: with the end of a spoon press the tape firmly over the entire image to make sure it is completely adhered.


Step 3: place the taped image in warm water for 2-3 minutes


Step 4: Remove the tape from the water and gently with your fingers, rub the wet paper away. Don’t do this with the spoon or the ink will scrape off.


Step 5: When all of the paper is removed, allow the tape to dry. Don’t worry about the tape losing its stickiness – when the tape dries they will be sticky again.



Step 6: Place your new sticker image on any surface of your choice.


These stickers are amazing for labeling jars, gift wrap, window stickers – the possibilities are endless!