Stained Glass Quilting


We are proud to announce that we have been cited as a reference in Stained Glass Quilts Reimagined by Allie Allers.The author's book features techniques for stained glass style quilting.

Stained glass quilting is a quilting technique that uses fabric swatches instead of glass to give the look of stained glass. The fabric is often dyed to look like light is coming through the material.

The peacock on the cover of her book was made to size using Rapid Resizer! To keep the proportions while increasing the size of this design, Allers used Rapid Resizer to scale her pattern. Beautiful. 

Quilt the look of stained glass! This rich resource of approachable techniques will let you jump right in with 6 stained glass style quilts, from dazzling wallhangings to throws and bedcovers. Outline pieced and appliquéd shapes 3 ways―using trims, couching, and bias fabric strips. Explore your own ideas for both simple and intricate stained glass designs, and set yourself up for success with tips on organizing your sewing space and using a design wall.