See How Your Project Will Look Before You Build It

Rapid Resizer Pro includes access to an extensive library of various material swatches to preview your designs with color! This tool allows you to fill in portions of your line drawing designs with the click of a button to easily plan the perfect project. 

Color Tool includes:

Color library

The color tool includes a vast collection of hundreds stained glass  styles, multiple types of wood and fabrics. 

Upload your own patterns / images

Easily upload your own images. If you require a specific color or pattern for your design you can see how your project will look with your own customizations

Piece numbers

The color tool will automatically number each piece of your design as you choose your colors. 

Materials List

The color tool will automatically give you the required amount of material using your chosen colors. The materials list includes to exact measurements needed according to the size of your project. You can easily alter the dimensions of your entire project and the materials list will adjust as you resize. 

Materials List

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.37.16 PM.png

Fill Palette / Recolor

The color tool will keep track of the colors you have used in your design so you can use them without having the scroll through the library. 

The Recolor option allows you access color palettes used in preview saved  projects. Easily keep track of your favourite colors. 

Endless possibilities to create a wide range of projects

Stained Glass Projects

Preview stained glass projects using the hundreds or colors, textured and styles of stained glass material.


Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 12.01.06 PM.png

Wood Materials for Woodworking projects

The color tool includes a thorough range of different types of wood from around the world to see how your project will look. 


Fabric for quilting or sewing projects

Plan your fabric and textile projects with ease. Quilting and sewing projects can now be hassle free!