Water Color Tutorial with Easy Transfer Method

Hello crafters, 

This week I wanted to make a beginners watercolor painting tutorial using the picture stencil maker on Rapid Resizer. The picture stencil maker allows you to turn any photo into a black and white line drawing which can be really helpful when learning how to paint.

Looking at an object or a picture and transferring it onto your paper or canvas can be difficult. Drawing the correct proportions and sizing by hand is something that takes practice. Transferring a pattern to your canvas makes it much easier.

As an introduction to watercolors, I am using a template that I have traced onto my watercolor paper using an amazing and simple transfer method! For most of you, access to a lightbox or a tracing table is probably unlikely so I have come up with a simple solution...

Window Image Transfer Method

This transfer method is about as self-explanatory as its name. I simply taped my template to the back of my watercolor paper and traced my line drawing onto my paper. So simple! Watercolor paper is quite thick so having light come through makes tracing images onto it a breeze. 

Happy crafting!

Steph @ Rapid Resizer