How to Build a Website to Sell Your Art Online

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This week I made a short video about how you can build a website to sell your arts and crafts online by exploring the basics of Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify. This is just a very brief overview of where to begin if you are feeling inspired to sell your art online.  On Wix you can make a free website and the tour starts there, so check out the video tutorial below: 

Wix has a program called ADI (artificial design intelligence) and I show in the video how it will basically build your site for you. If you choose a free website then your domain name will have the word 'wixsite' in it instead of your own unique domain. There are also small ads on the top and bottom, so it's a little less professional but hey, it's free! You can always upgrade to their various plans if you want to use your own domain name and clear the Wix ads, and it's worth playing around with if you are considering selling your arts and crafts online. Click here to visit Wix. 

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I also take a look at how to begin building a website on Squarespace, which does not offer a free site but does offer 14 days free so you can see if you like it. This platform originally began as a way to showcase portfolios and artwork so they have a lot of beautiful classy templates for selling your crafts and products.

They are a bit more pricey than Wix but you can change your template anytime easily which you cannot do in Wix. There is also a bit more of a learning curve but they have great support 24/7 and a ton of tutorials in their help section on how to build each part of your website. Click here to visit Squarespace. 

Generally, if you are only selling up to ten items then it is good to go with Wix or a basic Squarespace site. These are primarily websites which focus on giving information about your business along with basic e-commerce tools for selling your artwork like accepting credit cards. If you are selling more than ten products, then you will want to choose Shopify or the advanced Squarespace site which is more like a store with basic information tools such as a blog. 

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Shopify is more expensive than Wix because it can do so much for your art business. It's a bit complex to build a Shopify store because it's more than a simple website, but if you are selling a lot of items then it is worth it as you will have a complete online shop that can connect to eBay, Amazon, Facebook, etc. They offer amazing support as do Wix and Squarespace, and all three sites will also connect you with a professional website builder if you would rather spend your time doing art instead. Click here to visit Shopify. 

We are not affiliated with any of these platforms, but just wanted to give you a quick tour to inspire you to sell your arts and crafts online. I did not cover Weebly which is similar to Wix, easy to use, and offers a free site. You can visit Weebly here. 

I also didn't discuss Wordpress in the video as it is not simple to build a website there, but it can be less expensive and they also offer a free site. If you are interested then check out Wordpress here. 

Please comment below to let us know what you think of the video tour and which website building platform you like best. What website do you you use for selling your art online if you already have one? We would love to hear your feedback.

And don't forget to go to Rapid Resizer to create some art to sell on your new website!