How to Make a Geometric Watercolor Painting


This week I used the Rapid Resizer's free design search tool to find a design for a geometric watercolor painting. Watch the short video below to see how I used Rapid Resizer to make this.

What you'll need:

  • watercolor paper
  • watercolor paints (or markers or watercolor pencils if you prefer)
  • paint brush or aqua brush
  • pencil (use a 6H pencil to leave lighter lines)
  • tape

Thanks to GDJ for this design. You can download it from the source here.


With Rapid Resizer, I resized it to fit across four regular sized printer sheets of paper. I cut the borders off of the sides and taped them together to make the pattern.


Then I taped the stencil to a window and taped the watercolor page on top. This is a simple way to trace a design, just be sure to use tape that won't rip your watercolor paper!


Once my geometric design was transferred I used watercolor paint to fill in the shapes. It might help to practice painting some shapes on another piece of paper first to be sure you are using a brush and the amount of water that works for you. 


Happy painting!