Chalkboard Art Tutorial


Hi Everyone! This week I made some chalkboard art with a design that I created using Rapid Resizer. You can click on the video tutorial below to learn how you can transfer a design to make chalk art too.

You will need:

  • Chalk (or a chalk marker but I used chalk for this project)

  • Chalkboard

  • Wet paper towel, microfiber cloth, or magic eraser

  • Low tack tape

  • Dry paper towel

I like the way ribbons look in chalk art designs so I found this image of different ribbons on PIxabay to use for a template. You can use any of them by saving it from here or from the source here.


I cropped out the ribbon I wanted to use for my design and then used the Draw tool on Rapid Resizer to add shapes and lettering and created this image which you can also save from here.

Screenshot (290).png

I set the measurements to 19 inches to fit on my blackboard and so it printed out across six pages. My kitten Luna gave her approval by laying down on it.


I cut off the borders and taped the pages together next. Usually when I transfer a design from a paper printout I shade the entire back of the page with pencil or chalk. Because the challenge with doing chalk art is to avoid chalk smudges I held the design up to a window and just drew chalk lines on the back of the page wherever the ink lines were. This made it a lot easier to transfer the design without making a mess.

Chalkboard Art (Time 0_02_13;09).jpg

I taped the printout to the chalkboard using the least sticky tape possible so it wouldn’t leave adhesive and ruin the board. Ideally, print out your design so it is large enough to be able to tape it to the wood frame. Then I used a pencil to trace the design to transfer the chalk stencil to the chalkboard. If you use a colored pen or pencil you will be able to keep track of what lines you have already traced.

Chalkboard Art (Time 0_02_27;17).jpg

Then all that was left for me to do was to fill in the design with chalk! The most challenging part of chalk art is to erase smudges, so I kept a wet cloth and a dry cloth on hand. Paper towel tends to leave lint behind but will still work. The important thing is to totally dry any water you wipe the chalk smudge away with, because if it dries on its own it will leave chalk residue wherever the water was.


I added some stars and rays afterwards that weren’t part of my original design. They would have turned out better if I had used the star symbols from our Font section and drawn lines with the Draw tool, but I am happy with how my chalkboard project turned out anyways.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any comments or questions, and I hope you feel inspired to make some chalk art now too.

Happy Crafting!