Faux Stained Glass by Kym Wilbur

Kym Wilbur sent us an incredible collection of her gorgeous faux stained glass projects which she creates using Rapid Resizer. She does not have a website but sells her work at an antique shop. Leave a comment below for her if you have any questions for her.

Kym writes, “I thought I’d send a few photos of my faux stained glass windows I make using Rapid Resizer. The paint is a special glass paint and leading made by Plaid called Gallery Glass. I’ve taught myself how to use this product by trial and error. After five years it has become addictive and a labor of love.

You first find a picture that will work for what ever trips your trigger, then you outline your pattern with the leading and let it dry for 8 hours or overnight. Then the fun part, pick your color and have fun creating. All the colors need to be smoothed out and pushed to the edge of the leading with a tooth pick! That’s right, no brushes are used with this product.

It’s very time consuming. The large sun picture I made took me 65 hours. I hope this gives you some insight to the process of making faux stained glass. Hope everyone enjoys it.”

-Kym Wilbur