How to Use Rapid Resizer for Stained Glass

Screenshot (187).png

Hi Everyone! This week I created a tour of the tools in Rapid Resizer that stained glass artists love. Watch the video to learn how you can use download free patterns, number your glass pieces, erase areas you don’t want to include, and combine stencils and patterns to create new ones.

You can also add glass swatches to your patterns to see how your project will look, and then save a copy to share with clients. In addition, the material calculator tool can tell you how much of each type of glass you will need.

Check out the video below to see how you can use Rapid Resizer to easily resize patterns for stained glass to any size, and much more!

Please leave any comments or questions in the comments below. And as always, please share photos of the work you create using Rapid Resizer.

Happy creating!