Etching Glass with a Dremel Tool

This week I experimented with a new artistic medium - glass! Etching glass is easier than it looks and is unique way to turn your images into art. Transferring images on to glass is the easiest possible transfer method out there. You just place the glass right over your design! This was my first time not only etching glass, but also using a Dremel tool. Dremels offer endless artist possibilities and glass etching is one of them! If you do not have a Dremel, there are other way to achieve an etched glass look. You can also use etching cream and a stencil to make a similar project. Glass etching can be done on any glass surface; cups, jars, plates etc. I chose to trace an image of a moth simply because I think they are beautiful - nighttime butterflies!

What You'll Need:

  • Dremel tool 
  • Goggles
  • a sheet of glass or glassware

The video below shows how to print a resized design with the Rapid Resizer software.

Step 1: Choose an appropriate bit for your Dremel. I used a grinding / sharpening bit - Dremel 84922 Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone. There are smaller bits available depending on the size of your project. 

Step 2: Place your glass on top of your pattern. This is probably the easiest transfer method yet! Tape your pattern to the glass to make sure it is secure and won't shift while you trace over it.

Finding a piece of glass at a retail store proved to be difficult, so I just used the glass from an old picture frame. 

Step 3:  Carefully trace over your design with the Dremel. I found it helpful to have my working hand pressed against my work surface to steady my hand. I used a wet paper towel to wipe the dust away from my design as I worked. Don't forget to wear protective eyewear! 


Voila! Etched Glass catches light so beautifully and offers a new artistic medium for making great art!

Click here to start making your own craft pattern on Rapid Resizer.