How to Design and Build a Mosaic

Mosaics are a fun way to experiment with different art mediums. I enjoyed making this craft but it was more time-consuming that I anticipated so be prepared to get messy and have fun! Mosaics are a great way to repurpose leftover tile or glass. I used store-bought tiles for my design, but you can really use any tile-like medium. CDs could work nicely to add a reflective touch as well. If you enjoy puzzles you will love making this craft.  Enjoy!

What  you'll need:

  • glass mosaic tiles
  • foam board or a piece of wood
  • a hammer
  • school glue
  • mosaic grout

Step 1: Trace over your custom design with a piece of carbon paper face down on your foam board. If you are using a dark foam board like I did, it is helpful to go over your design with a pencil so it is easier to see. 

Step 2: Place your tiles into a bag and smash them with a hammer to break them into smaller pieces. Hopefully your downstairs neighbors like you because they probably won't after this. This step is optional. If you want to make your life easier you can just use the squares to build your design. 

Step 3: Place your tiles inside your design and glue each piece down with school glue. Allow all of the pieces to fully dry. 


Step 4: Once you have tiled your design, mix your grout with water until stiff. Completely coat your design with the grout mixture.

Step 5: Allow grout to set for 20-30 minutes. Carefully remove the grout from your design. Be careful not to drag pieces with you when you remove the paste. If this happens, allow the grout more time to set. Use a damp sponge to wipe the grout away from your design. 

This craft was fun to design and assemble. Organizing the pieces was like playing Tetris. It required the use of the left and right brain so it was a creative challenge. The addition of the grout separated the colors more, so if you prefer the look of the mosaic before the grout you could omit that step. I decided to make my design smaller so it looks better hanging from a distance.

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Happy crafting!

Steph @ Rapid Resizer