Geometric String Art

This week I have been experimenting with a new craft medium. I am intrigued by mathematical formulas expressed as a shape. The geometric form below is called Metatron's cube. It contains every shape that exists within the universe. How cool is that?

What You'll Need:

  • embroidery floss
  • canvas needle
  • thumb tack
  • cardstock
  • a scrap piece of foam board 

Step 1: Tape your pattern on to your card stock to hold it in place while you work. Place your scrap piece of foam board underneath your cardstock and poke holes where the lines meet in your pattern. This make it easier to thread your needle with there are poked holes to work with. 

Step 2: Take your embroidery floss and thread it through the back of your card stock. Tie two or three knots at the end of your piece of string to secure it and prevent it from being pulled through the paper. 


Step 3: Begin to thread your needle and floss through the cardstock following the pattern. Don't worry about the back of the card stock becoming messy looking.


Make sure to pull the string firmly so that it is tight. You want the lines to be as straight as possible. 

When you are finished threading your embroidery floss over your entire pattern, carefully begin to remove the paper pattern.   Be very careful not to cut or pull the string. 


Once you remove the paper you will be left with a dynamic three-dimensional looking shape! It look a little bit a practice to get this right. Make sure that you don't miss any lines in the pattern and pull the string tight! As you can see in my first attempt lines are missing and the string looks a little loose. 


Experimenting with different colours also adds an interesting affect to this project. 



Steph  @  Rapid Resizer